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 Tranlogic Display''s


Deze display's zijn in 2 types verkrijgbaar, voor auto of motorfiets

 Prijs is € 500,- Incl. BTW


General RPM with numeric indication
Speed indication - user defined MPH or KMH
Gear selection indication
Neutral position
Battery voltage
High beam indication
Ultra-bright 7 LED shiftlight array - full or half brightness
Temperature - user defined centigrade or fahrenheit
Distance - total distance
Trip distance
Low fuel indication - user defined
2 input channels - ideal for indicators left & right
Backlighting for night use - user defined red or blue
ClarexTM `Crystal" window
Billet aluminium construction
Manual lap-timer (100 laps memory)
Handle bar bracket for manual lap-timer button *
4 Ladder frame brackets for universal installation *

* Alleen bij de Motorfiets editie


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