VDB Works


Toegevoegd op: 05-03-2012

Nieuw leverbaar en snelle levering van bekende en superlichte carbonwielen en andere BST producten.


 BST wheels are tested extensively and the results are published. Carbon Fibre is the ideal material for light, strong wheels, and the BST design gives exceptional performance, whether you are on the ROAD or on the TRACK.
Some of the Advantages of the BST Carbon Fibre wheels:

- The wheels are lighter ... so the bike is lighter ... so it's easier to handle - less fatigue
- The wheels are lighter in the RIM and in the SPOKES - which lowers the Moment of Inertia
- Better and lighter handling
- Quicker response to the rider's commands
- Faster acceleration
- Quicker braking
- Safer riding
- Beautiful carbon fiber finish in high gloss or NEW Matt Black finish. Available for all BST carbon wheels


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